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Dental Care in Panama City, FL

Dental Care Panama City, FL Do you need a family dentist in Panama City, FL for your family's dental care needs?

Cindy C. Moore, DMD, PA has been providing quality dental care in Panama City, FL for over 30 years. Our dedicated dental staff is committed to providing the highest quality dental services in the area. We even provide nitrous oxide sedation dentistry for a comfortable gentle experience.

Specializing as a family dentist, Dr. Moore also works in cosmetic dentistry and affordable teeth whitening.  At Dr. Moore's office you will find a friendly staff, an experienced doctor, and a bunch of bright looking smiles. 

Regular cleanings with your family dentist is one of the most effective ways to keep your smile beautiful and white. Preventative dental care removes tartar & plaque buildup that causes tooth decay. Our dental hygienists will clean, floss and polish your teeth and our dentist will provide an examination.

Some people dread visiting the dentist for dental care. Although we take extra measures to provide gentle care, sometimes that is not enough. We provide nitrous oxide sedation for patients that are fearful of getting dental work done. For more information on sedation dentistry, call us today.

There are many different reasons to call a family dentist, from teethwhitening to cosmetic dentistry and more!  There are equally the same number of reasons to call Dr. Cindy Moore's office from affordable dental care to a friendly staff to an impeccable service record of volunteer work and customer satisfaction. 


Our services include emergency dental visits!

Whatever your problem may be, we can help.  We offer routine dental care and also will accept emergency dental visits.  Don't worry about feeling any pain.  Any painful procedure like root canals or tooth extractions will include nitrous oxide sedation.

We offer a variety of service including the following:

  • Thorough exams & cleanings
  • Gentle non-surgical gum therapy
  • Root Canals and tooth extractions
  • Preventive sealants & fluoride treatments
  • Natural looking crowns, bridges, removable partials & dentures
  • Emergency dental visits & more

Don't hesitate to call or stop in for an emergency dental visit!

Tooth Extractions and Root Canals

Family Dentist Panama City, FL

In today's world of Facebooking, texting pics instantly (because every cell phone has a camera) online resumes with head shots, our smile is seemingly more important than ever. There seems to be an abundance of dental products and procedures available. Dr. Moore is always eager to meet new clients and provide excellent care at an affordable rate.  Our dentist will treat you, your child, or loved one with the compassion and care.


A few simple facts one should know about in order to maintain a great smile before having to think about cosmetic dentistry are listed.  Follow these simple points and you can keep a much whiter smile for a much longer time saving you money in teeth whitening procedures at your dentist.

1. Are you drinking sodas or fruit juices or any beverage containing a lot of sugar?

Sugars contain enamel-destroying acids that will stay on your teeth and cause tooth decay.  Using a straw will help direct the harmful liquids away from your teeth.  Also rinsing with warm water will help to flush the acids out of your mouth and ultimately off your teeth.

2. Do you smoke or go swimming? (Yes swimming)
Everybody knows that any form of smoking will color and eventually stain your teeth.  What most people do not know is that continual contact with chemically treated pools can cause brown staining on your teeth as well.

Tooth Extractions Panama City, FL 3. Do you often use your teeth as tools?
Stop! Thousands of people a year must visit their dentist because they mistake their teeth for pliers or scissors or, most destructive, bottle openers.  Just don't do it.

4. Do you play any contact sports?
Using a mouth guard is the most simple way to prevent severe damage to your smile.  Teeth can actually tear from your gums causing terrible pain and expensive emergency visit and possibly years of unforeseen problems.  Again, don't risk the injury, always wear a mouth guard.

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From routine dentist visits to root canals or surgeries requiring nitrous oxide sedation, we can help.  Call us today and we'll schedule an appointment for you (850) 215-1353!

We proudly serving the Panama City, FL area.

Products & Services

Family Dentistry, Cosmetic Procedures, Crowns, Veneers, Bridges, Root Canal Therapy and Extractions, Dentures and Removable Partials

We want your visit to be comfortable and affordable.  We offer Care Credit which allows you to spread your dental expenses over time at no interest (with stipulations of time which you choose).  General dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, denture fittings, dental implants, bonding and veneers, crowns and bridges, emergency dental care, teeth whitening, tooth removal, children's dentist, x-rays, fillings, tooth restoration, wisdom teeth removal, teeth cleaning, insurance accepted

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